SuperEgo Comedy

SuperEgo Comedy was founded in 2006 by Michelle Dobrawsky and Dale Sorenson. We started as a scrappy, fun, enthusiastic standup comedy show in a rock 'n' roll bar on the lower east side of Manhattan. We grew and we moved and grew some more and moved again and we landed happily at New York Comedy Club.

Comedy is a strange and messy art and we have loved every minute of it. In 6 years it has been our privilege to watch over 2,000 of you wonderful lunatics do your thing in over 300 of our shows. We love you kids. We always tried to run the kind of shows on which we ourselves would want to perform. Hopefully we succeeded.

Thank you to all the awesome comics who made us laugh.

Thank you to all the awesome fans who supported us.

Extra special thank you to Al Martin, Eric Hanson, Dustin Chafin, Jack Keller, Kambri Crews and John Morrison … for giving us a home and showing us the way.

Keep that SuperEgo Comedy spirit alive in your hearts and maybe, just maybe, someday we’ll be back.

Farewell for now.

Hugs and Smooches,

Dale & Michelle



Dale and Michelle